STEM CELL & GENE THERAPY (Under Construction)

Stem cell and gene therapy - Walter Koch, PhD, CTM, TJU.
An important part of current translational research is regenerative medicine using gene or stem cell therapy, and TJU has a critical mass of scientists devoted to this effort. Importantly, Joseph Rabinowitz, PhD has organized a Gene Therapy Core in which he can produce large quantities of relevant gene therapy vectors for research purposes, including cellular and animal studies. He has FPLC capabilities to produce lentivirus and adeno-associated virus vectors and exploring GMP capabilities. Stem cell research is conducted as a matrixed function under the Center for Stem Cell Biology, led by Dr. M. Lisanti. Within this center are multiple facilities and centers. For bone marrow transplantation, a stem cell facility, directed by Dr. N. Flomenberg, chairman of the Department of Medical Oncology. Dr. Walter Koch, Director of the CTM at TJU, along with Dr. Patrick Most, head a stem cell laboratory to explore novel mechanisms for cardiac repair using stem cell technology. These laboratory and core resources within the CTM have allowed for novel training opportunities for junior investigators at TJU, which will ensure that our next generation of physician-scientists have training using state-of-the-art technology.