Physical therapy laboratories - Lynn Snyder-Mackler, PhD, UD.
The Physical Therapy Department has the following labs: 3,000 ft2 motion analysis lab with a 75 ft runway for gait analysis studies; a 350 ft2 muscle performance lab for measuring joint strength; a 600 ft2 instrumented treadmill laboratory for gait analysis; a 410 ft2 motor behavior laboratory for upper extremity and infant motion analysis studies. Mechanical Engineering houses the following laboratories: an 1,800 ft2 Posture and Movement Biomechanics Laboratory; a 950 ft2 Orthopaedic Bioengineering and Bioimaging Laboratory; and a 700 ft2 Neuromuscular Biomechanics Laboratory for locomotion. The Department of Biology houses a 1000 ft2 Bioimaging Laboratory and a 2,500 ft2 laboratory for tissue culture, molecular biology, biochemistry, radiation work and fluorescence imaging. The Department of Health Nutrition and Exercise Science houses a 600 ft2 Cardiovascular Research Laboratory; a Human Performance Laboratory for locomotion, athletic and ice skating analyses, a Musculoskeletal Imaging Laboratory used to analyze bone and muscle data (including MRI), and an Exercise Physiology Laboratory. In addition, the Physical Therapy Department runs a 6,000 ft2 outpatient clinic; and HNES has clinical resources through the Cardiovascular Research Office and through Christiana Care.