Tracking & Evaluation (TE)

Following the overall strategy to address each of the 4 aims of DVICTS, and the tactics that will be employed in each of the proposed key functions, milestone evaluation will proceed in a temporal fashion over the 5 proposed project years, with plans to sustain the effort beyond that, both with and after CTSA support. The tracking and evaluation plan will be implemented in 3 phases, focusing on the structure, process, and outcomes of the DVICTS initiative. Phase 1 will document and critically evaluate the success of implementing the new clinical and translational research structure, with new and redesigned centers, cores and programs, and institutional understandings, and community engagement. Phase 2 will focus on the engagement and role of the community in the translational process and the ability of the institutions to make the translational roadmap represent truly a 2-way street. Phase 3 will be the short- and long-term measurement of changes and impact, within and among the institutions, investigators and trainees, and the community. Evaluation will look at practices, participation, and productivity. Subsequently, the Tracking and Evaluation (TE) Team plans to sustain these efforts beyond the 5 years after CTSA support.